About Lixin

Brief Introduction

  Shanghai Lixin Appraisal Co., Ltd. (Lixin) was established on the base of appraisal business unit of Lixin Certified Public Accountants since July 1996 according to the principle of being an unbiased evaluator. Currently, Lixin is an asset evaluation corporation with corresponding securities business qualification issued by the Treasury and the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission. Apart from the highest level qualification of asset valuation, Lixin has also achieved the qualification certificate for real estate appraisal and land valuation. Furthermore, Lixin was the first in the industry to achieve ISO9001 quality system certificate and is the only valuation firm who wins IQNET certificate which makes Lixin’s reports well recognized by 39 developed countries throughout the world.

  There are approximately one hundred experienced valuers in Lixin, including 52 Certified Public Valuers(CPV), 28 Certified Real Estate Appraisers(CREA), 9 Certified Real Estate (land) Valuers(CREV), 17 Certified Public Accountants(CPA), 6 Certified Tax Agents. 19 of them have obtained senior professional titles. Noticeably, Lixin has close connection to experts from all walks of life to ensure the best quality of our performance and service. The president of Lixin, Meiling ZHANG, is entitled as the senior economist, certified professor, executive director of China Appraisal Society. As one of the first senior appraisers in China, one of the national top 10 female appraisers, director of China Appraisal Punishment Committee, member of Professional Committee of China Jewelry Art Evaluation, vice president of Shanghai Assets Appraisal Society and the arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Meiling ZHANG enjoys a high prestige and good reputation in the industry. Weidun YANG, vice president of Lixin, was appointed as a member in the expert consultative group of the assets appraisal for state-owned financial corporations in 2011. The CEO of Lixin, Ling XIE, was appointed as 12th and 13th full-time member of IPO Issuance Audit Committee in China’s Securities Regulatory Commission since May 2010.

  Since the establishment, Lixin has provided professional asset valuation and consultancy services including securities-related business for large, medium and small enterprises, individuals, foreign-owned corporations, joint-venture corporations, public institutions, foreign organizations, FDI, etc from both home and abroad. Lixin’s business and service has covered 26 provinces of China. Successfully and honourably, Lixin has devoted its own efforts to the corporate reorganization projects or IPO issuance of mega groups like SAIC, Shanghai International PortGroup, CNPC, Sinopec, COFCO, CSSC, CHALCO and so on. Lixin has also accomplished the valuation projects for multinationals like Roche, GE, Mitsubishi, Sony, Volkswagen, Toshiba, General Motors etc, and receives invitations from domestic supreme courts, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank, Citibank, Xiamen International Bank, Maybank and other agencies to value numerous collaterals assets for mortgage or pledge purpose. In 2012, the total business income of Lixin reached over sixty million RMB and was ranked in the forefront of the industry. Engaged by Shanghai government, Lixin has led the “11.15 Fire” property damage assessment since 2011 and was highly praised in the whole process. The quality of Lixin’s report has also been highly praised for several times by the Ministry of Finance, China’s Securities Regulatory Commission, the SASAC and China Appraisal Society. Lixin received industry recognition during industry-wide practice inspection in 2004 and 2011. There were no practice accident since Lixin’s establishment and the quality of Lixin’s report always scores in the forefront of the industry.

  In spite of being a specialized valuer to clients, Lixin also plays an active role in the promotion of valuation industry. Lixin took the initiative to develop asset valuation software, patent assessment software and the contract credit valuation system. In addition, Lixin formulated the asset valuation operating rules and published several academic works including ‘valuation under income approach’ and ‘how to valuate credit’. Lixin was responsible for setting and preparation of the national assessment report, evaluation criteria worksheets, worksheet reference format and was invovled in the discussion of a number of other industry standards. Engaged by Central Propaganda Department, the municipal government, the Ministry of Finance, China Appraisal Society, SASAC and other departments, Lixin has completed dozens of assessment research projects which makes a positive contribution to the industry and the community.

  Lixin’s growth and development has been praised from all sectors. In 2013, Lixin was awarded "Shanghai Civilized Unit", representing the first valuation firm to be awarded the provincial civilized unit. In 2011, Lixin was awarded "National Women Civilization" by the National Women's Federation and was the only valuation firm to have this achievement in Shanghai area in the industry. In 2009 and 2012, Lixin brand was registered as "famous trademark" for twice by Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau and became the first "famous trademark." in appraisal industry. Lixin was awards as "integrity unit", "price integrity advanced unit" and "credibility consulting enterprises" by City of Industry, the Price Department, Municipal Science and Technology and Consulting Associations for several times. In February 2013, Lixin was awarded the "Annual Honor Award" by Shanghai Federation of modern service industry.

  In the future development, Lixin will continue to adhere to its spirit of extending unlimited trustworthiness to our clients with the support of community. Lixin is looking forward to establishing a first-class valuation firm, playing an important role in deepening of enterprise reform, structural adjustment promotion, capital markets regulation, optimization of allocation of resources, economic development promotion, and safeguarding the legitimate interests of investors and public interests both nationally and regionally.