Business income

The company's business has expanded to various fields, and its business footprint has expanded to 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and thousands of evaluation projects have been completed. In 2000, the company's evaluation of the restructuring of Johnson & Johnson Group kicked off the reorganization of the “national retreat and the people's advancement”; in 2004, the overall listing evaluation of SAIC and the Port Group set the largest number of assets evaluated by the Shanghai industry, and laid the foundation for the completion of the evaluation. The ability to super-large assessment projects. State-owned group restructuring, listing evaluation, asset restructuring, foreign acquisition, judicial evaluation, etc., there are representatives of the letter. Since 2004, the company's annual business income has exceeded 30 million yuan, and in 2012 exceeded 60 million yuan, ranking the forefront of domestic counterparts.

Lixin people always take the spirit of "trusting to be determined, keeping in good faith, keeping faith, doing things in good faith, treating others with sincerity" as the service tenet. We use fair, objective and fair professional spirit as the service standard to provide high quality and efficient services to all sectors of society.