Shanghai Lixin Tianyou Credit Rating Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Lixin Tianyou Credit Rating Co., Ltd. was established in April 2002 and approved by the relevant departments of the Shanghai Municipal Government. It was jointly established by Shanghai Lixin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tianyou Economic Consulting Co., Ltd., and was filed by Shanghai Credit Information Management Office. It is the first member of the Shanghai Credit Service Industry Association. Engaged in credit evaluation, credit investigation, credit consulting services and other services.

Chairman and legal representative of the company Zhuang Xiaotian, former deputy mayor of Shanghai, chairman of Pudong Development Bank, chairman of Shanghai Commercial Bank, current president of Shanghai Senior Citizen Foundation, president of Shanghai Ningbo Economic Promotion Association, has rich administrative management and Financial management experience. Vice Chairman and General Manager Zhang Meiling, Senior Economist, Associate Professor, Registered Asset Appraiser, National Senior Appraiser, National Top Ten Female Appraiser, Executive Director of China Asset Appraisal Association, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of China Asset Appraisal Association, Shanghai Assets Vice President of the Evaluation Association, Arbitrator of the Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Adjunct Professor of the School of Asset Management of Shanghai Normal University, Executive Director of the Shanghai State-owned Assets Council, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai Lixin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd.

Lixin Tianyou Company has a network of professional talents and experts and professors composed of well-known experts in the national assessment and credit reporting industry. It has advantages in drawing on international practices, using world-class technologies and conducting credit evaluation business.

Enterprise contract credit evaluation system

In the context of adapting to the government's transformation of functions, participation in the construction of social credit system, response to the WTO, and integration with international practices, our company cooperated with the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce to participate in the reform of the “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping” activities, including the development of "Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation Management Measures", Index System, Mathematical Model and Application Software "Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation System". The software passed the technical test of Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Center, and was recognized as the domestic leading level, and reached the international advanced level in general, and obtained the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" issued by the National Copyright Administration. At the same time, the subject was awarded the first prize by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

Shanghai enterprise contract credit evaluation

In 2003, the system was applied in a large-scale manner throughout the city, and more than 3,000 enterprises entered the contract credit evaluation process of our company. After evaluation and identification, more than 2,500 enterprises have obtained the title of “Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” and the corresponding contract credit rating, and the “Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation System” has been successfully applied for the first time. From October 2003 to June 2004, the deficiencies of the entire evaluation system were revised and improved, and the 2.0 version of the Shanghai Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation System was formed. At the same time, the evaluation process was further refined, refined and standardized. In June 2004, the improved version 2.0 evaluation system was applied to the new round of enterprise contract credit evaluation. 3,300 enterprises entered the evaluation process and obtained the corresponding contract credit rating. The “Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation System” The secondary application was successful. In 2006, for the third application, more than 3,700 companies obtained corresponding contract credit ratings.

Promotion of Enterprise Contract Credit Evaluation System

The enterprise contract credit evaluation system has not only achieved success in the application of Shanghai, but also achieved results in the promotion of the provinces and cities. In May 2003, the system was applied in Jiangsu Province. Through this system, the evaluation identified the “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise” named by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, and in 2004 in 13 cities and municipalities in Jiangsu Province (including some counties, The Economic Contract Development Zone has implemented the enterprise contract credit evaluation work.

Comprehensive evaluation of Shanghai market intermediary industry

From 2006 to 2007, under the leadership of the Shanghai Municipal Social Service Bureau, the Shanghai market intermediary industry comprehensive evaluation system was developed and applied, and 13 intermediaries in Shanghai were investigated, analyzed and evaluated.

Overall credit rating

In addition to the corporate contract credit evaluation, our company also conducts an overall credit evaluation for the company. Among them, the credit rating of the Shanghai Charity Foundation is one of the successful cases.

Industry association assessment

The company and the Shanghai International Freight Forwarding Industry Association jointly established and developed a credit evaluation system for international freight forwarding enterprises, and conducted enterprise credit rating evaluation for three consecutive years. To lay a solid foundation for improving the integrity of the freight forwarding industry.

Credit risk control consulting service

The business includes accounts receivable management, various investigation reports and training services. Provide enterprises with more distinctive and quality services.

Writing and credit training

With the support of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the City Short-Term Office, in cooperation with the Shanghai Distance Education Group, the “Shanghai Credit Management”, “Credit Assessment Theory and Practice” and “China Credit Construction Law and Regulations Compilation” were successfully written. The Talent Series Textbook, and hosted the first training course for senior and intermediate credit evaluation and analysis managers.

Adhering to the spirit of "being faithful, faithful, self-reliant, trustworthy, and trustworthy", we will improve our core competitiveness based on high-level management system and technological innovation theory, and constantly improve the process management system and broaden it. Evaluate professional space, form a “business ecosystem chain”, and serve customers in a comprehensive and professional manner.