Zhongcheng Lianhang (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Ev

First, the company profile

Zhongcheng Lianhang (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Appraisal Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shanghai Lixin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., and later renamed Shanghai Ligongxin Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd. Zhongcheng Lianhang (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Appraisal Co., Ltd. is one of the sponsoring members of the Midtown Alliance, and the alliance office is located in the company.


The company has 28 full-time registered real estate appraisers and 9 practicing land appraisers; 19 have professional and technical positions, including 3 senior titles and 16 intermediate titles.

Main achievement:

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken more than 500 various evaluation projects each year, involving large-scale commercial complexes, star-rated hotels, large residential quarters, industrial plants and other real estates. The estimated land and construction area is several million square meters. With a value of more than 100 billion yuan, it has accumulated rich experience in real estate land valuation business.

major client:

Including Shanghai Bank, Bank of Communications, China Development Bank and other commercial banks; Anxin Trust Co., Ltd., Huaao International Trust Co., Ltd. and other trust institutions; China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other asset management Companies; Shanghai Greenland (Group) Co., Ltd., Forte Group Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Land Group and other real estate development companies; Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric (Group) Company, Shanghai International Port (Group) Company, etc. State-owned enterprises and listed companies; Volkswagen, SONY, Shanghai GM and many other foreign or Chinese-foreign joint ventures.


Shanghai Lixin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dahua Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gongxin Zhongnan Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. and Zhongcheng Lianhang Real Estate Land Appraisal Institute, which are located in nearly 20 cities in China, are good partners of our company.

Company qualification:

The company has a qualification certificate for real estate appraisal institutions (level 1) and is qualified to engage in land appraisal business nationwide.

company culture:

The company always implements the corporate culture of “four adherences, three standards, two firsts, one spirit” to provide customers with professional and high-quality services, and continuously aims to “become a real estate land evaluation agency with national scale and first-class practice level”. Step forward.

Main leaders:

Chairman Yang Guocheng

Registered real estate appraiser, registered land valuer, senior engineer. He is currently Chairman of Midtown Lianhang (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Appraisal Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the Midtown Union Alliance. He is also the president of the Shanghai Real Estate Appraisers Association and the deputy director of the Expert Committee, and the technical consultant of the China Real Estate Appraisers and Brokers Association. He is the leader of the construction of the Shanghai Construction Committee, the leader of the Shanghai Housing Security and Housing Administration, and the real estate appraisal of the Ministry of Construction. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Brokerage Expert Committee and the Standing Committee of the China Land Appraisers Association and a member of the Technical Tribunal, a reviewer of the SASAC Major Assets Assessment Project, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.

Chairman Yang Guocheng began to specialize in land and real estate appraisal and consulting business in 1992. He is responsible for the large-scale land valuation of large-scale state-owned enterprises such as Baosteel, China Telecom, Sinopec, China ICBC, China Railway Construction, etc. It completed various large-scale and complex real estate appraisal services such as Bank of Communications Housing Reform, Jiangnan Shipyard Relocation, Dalian Road Greenland Project Relocation, and provided a large number of evaluation and consulting services for Shanghai land use system reform and urban construction. He was responsible for completing the “Shanghai Benchmark Land Price Study” project, which was the first time in Shanghai to study and formulate the benchmark land price, and participated in the “Real Estate Valuation Standards”, “Real Estate Valuation Terminology” and “Urban Land Valuation Regulations” and “Urban Land Classification”. The research and formulation of national standards such as the grading regulations and the subsequent revision work provide suggestions and technical support for the relevant government management work, and also contribute to the optimization and regulation of industry valuation technical standards.

General Manager Ying Enjie

Registered as a real estate appraiser and economist, graduated from the Department of World Economics of Fudan University. In 2002, he obtained a master's degree in business administration from the University of Hong Kong. He is currently the general manager of Midtown Link (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Evaluation Co., Ltd.

As a backbone of the assessment field, General Manager En has nearly 20 years of experience. He has served as the head of the evaluation department at Knight Frank, an internationally renowned real estate consulting firm, and has worked and studied in his Hong Kong branch. He is familiar with international real estate assessment. Standards and practices. He is good at real estate appraisal, foreign asset appraisal, evaluation theory and practice innovation. He has in-depth research on real estate tax assessment, house appraisal assessment, real estate information database research and development, and GIS application in real estate appraisal. The papers he wrote were published in professional journals such as Shanghai Real Estate Appraisal and won awards in the relevant professional associations.

General Manager Ying Enjie has participated in large-scale evaluation projects such as Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai Properties Evaluation, Hong Kong Wharf Property Evaluation, SIIC Group Real Estate Appraisal, Forte Group Real Estate Appraisal, Port Group's overall listing, SAIC Group Restructuring, and Greenland Group's overall listing. In 2006, he was appointed as the International Affairs Liaison Officer by the China Asset Appraisal Association. In 2005-2007, he participated in the preparation of the Asset Evaluation Work Draft Guidelines and the Asset Evaluation Standard Reference Format, and mainly participated in the drafting of the format of the land use rights, building construction and construction in progress. In 2013, he was employed by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Special Fund Evaluation Center to conduct expert review of relevant financial projects.

Second, the main business

Real estate and land use rights transfer assessment

Market value assessment of real estate and land use rights involved in trading, exchange, inheritance, gifts and other legal transfers.

Mortgage assessment of real estate and land use rights

In the process of loan financing, the real estate and land use rights are determined for determining the mortgage loan amount. Valuation value

Real estate, land use rights tax assessment

The market value of real estate and land use rights is assessed for tax purposes.

Compensation assessment for real estate and land use rights

Compensation for house expropriation and collective land expropriation on state-owned land.

Real estate, land use right lease evaluation

The evaluation of the real estate and land use rights market rent value involved in the real estate and land use rights leasing process.

Real estate insurance assessment

In the process of real estate insurance, the actual value of the building and the property loss after the insurance accident are assessed.

Real estate auction evaluation

In the real estate auction process, the auction reserve price and the auction reserve price are evaluated.

Land use right transfer assessment

The transfer reserve price and market price assessment for the purpose of transferring land use rights and paying the transfer fee.

Real estate, land use rights and judicial assessment

The valuation of real estate and land use rights involving litigation in judicial proceedings.

Evaluation of real estate and land use rights in corporate economic behavior

Valuation of real estate and land use rights involved in corporate restructuring, asset restructuring, listing, equity transfer, joint venture, cooperation, foreign investment, merger and separation, and liquidation.

Real estate and land use rights assessment for financial reporting purposes

The fair value assessment of real estate and land use rights of enterprises due to accounting measurement needs or relevant regulatory requirements.

Real estate, land use right assessment consulting services

Evaluation of real estate and land policy, value, etc.

Third, company management

Our company has established the management system of Zhongcheng Lianhang (Shanghai) Real Estate Land Appraisal Co., Ltd., and has made clear regulations on the rules of the board of directors, the quality management system, the personnel management system, the financial management system, and the job responsibilities of each employee.

The company's management structure:

In order to establish a modern enterprise with clear powers and responsibilities and scientific management, the company implements a corporate governance structure. The company sets up a shareholders' meeting, a board of directors and a manager, and the internal mechanism has been further improved.

Fourth, quality control

Our company has developed a real estate land valuation operation system. Among them, the “Real Estate Land Appraisal Project Management System” and the “Real Estate Land Valuation Operation Regulations” negotiate the real estate land valuation business, sign the contract, formulate the work plan, conduct on-site investigation, data collection, drafting the draft work, and prepare the valuation report. The project responsible person, technical department and legal person three-level audit system have made detailed regulations.

Three-level review system:

The company implements a three-level audit system for the real estate land valuation report (including the working paper draft). The project leader is the reviewer, the technical department is the auditor, and the legal representative is the auditor. After the three-level review procedure, the valuation report can be added. A formal report is issued after the official seal is issued.

Five, classic case

Since its establishment, the company has provided various real estate, land assessment and consulting services for major, medium and small enterprises and individuals at home and abroad, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and Sino-foreign joint ventures. For example, the successful completion of large commercial complexes such as Jinmao Tower and Xijiao Bailian Commercial Plaza, such as International Guidu, Forte Group, Shanghai General Electric Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Shanghai ZF Transmission Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Port Group Real estate land assessment project.

Jinmao Building:

Our company has been commissioned by Jinmao Group to undertake the overall assessment of Jinmao Tower. Jinmao Tower is invested and built by China Jinmao (Group) Co., Ltd. It is located in the center of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, the core area of Pudong. It has 88 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. The building is 420.5 meters high and the building area is 270,000 square meters. It is a landmark building in Shanghai, integrating modern office buildings, five-star hotels, convention centers, entertainment, shopping malls and other facilities. Jinmao Tower has advanced design, complex structure and large evaluation workload. Our evaluation team has developed a targeted evaluation plan for each format according to the architectural characteristics of Jinmao Building, and completed the evaluation work in a short time by scientific evaluation method. . Our evaluation process and evaluation results have been highly recognized by the client.

Xijiao Bailian Commercial Plaza:

Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center is located in No. 88 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai. It is a large-scale commercial complex invested and built by Bailian Group. The types of business in the shopping center include large-scale living supermarkets, department stores, professional stores, themed restaurants, specialty stores, entertainment and fitness, community services, etc.; the settled merchants include Friendship Department Store, Century Lianhua, HOLA Teli House, Decathlon, and Yongle Home Appliances. Entrusted by Bailian Group, our company conducted an overall and classified evaluation of the commercial plaza. The project to be assessed covers an area of 34,000 square meters and a total construction area of 109,000 square meters.

International expensive:

Entrusted by Singapore Linjiayan Group, our company evaluates the market price of Shanghai International Guidu Hotel. Shanghai International Guidu Hotel is a four-star foreign-related hotel located in the core business district of Jing’an Temple, within walking distance to the famous Nanjing West Road Commercial Street, Shanghai Exhibition Center and Jing’an Ancient Temple. The surrounding traffic is convenient, Metro Line 2 and No. 7 Line Jing’an Temple Station is within easy reach. The hotel consists of a 27-story main building and a 9-story podium building with a total construction area of approximately 60,000 square meters. There are 507 rooms and suites, as well as shopping malls, banquets, business offices and other facilities.

Forte Group:

Due to the need for fair value audit of the company, our company is entrusted by Forte Group to conduct annual market value assessment of various real estate projects developed by Forte Group and its subsidiaries, including Shanghai Zhiyinyuan, Gubei Xinyuan and Forte. More than 30 large-scale residential projects, such as Sun City, Longbaixiang Garden and Forte Poe, have a total construction area of several million square meters.

Shanghai General Electric Broadcasting Co., Ltd.:

Due to the needs of corporate equity transactions, our company has evaluated the industrial plant of Shanghai General Electric Broadcasting Co., Ltd. in Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters and a plant area of over 40,000 square meters, including production workshops and comprehensive offices. Buildings, laboratories, auxiliary buildings and various structures.

Shanghai ZF Transmission Co., Ltd.:

Due to the company's relocation compensation, our company was commissioned by Shanghai ZF Transmission Co., Ltd. to evaluate its industrial real estate in Jiading District. The scope of assessment involved includes industrial land use rights, plant buildings and structures, greening, machinery and equipment (including relocation equipment, non-removable equipment, low-value consumables, inventory), and loss of production and business suspension.

Port Group:

Due to the overall listing and restructuring of the company, Shanghai Port Group needs to evaluate all the land, real estate and structures of its subsidiaries, and the total assets involved amount to tens of billions of yuan. Our company gives professional evaluation opinions and provides a useful reference for the final decision of the client. These include more than 60 types of land such as industry, transportation, and business services, covering an area of over 6.7 million square meters and a coastline of about 15,000 meters. In addition, they also involve structures such as docks and yards.

Six, major customers (partial)

In recent years, the company has participated in numerous real estate land valuation projects involving various economic sectors and assessments of different types of real estate land. The major clients involved include:

Financial Institutions:

Bank of Communications National Development Bank

Shanghai Bank Pacific Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Bank of China China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Huaxia Bank China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank China Orient Asset Management Corporation

Pudong Development Bank China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation

Shenzhen Development Bank Huaao International Trust Co., Ltd.

Xiamen International Bank Anxin Trust Co., Ltd.

Malayan Bank Huaxin International Trust Co., Ltd.

Real estate development company:

Greenland Holdings Group Shanghai Xingye Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Forte Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Huangpu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yuyuan Mall Real Estate Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Huangpu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sumitomo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sanxiang Real Estate Development and Management Company

Hong Kong Land Group Zhonghua Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dongjie Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Large state-owned enterprises and listed companies:

Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. Jinjiang International (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation Shanghai Bus Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lansheng Co., Ltd.

Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jiaoyun Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Jinjiang Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huayi (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiaotong University Ang Li Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Bailian (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yimin Department Store Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ninth General Co., Ltd

Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Foreign-funded enterprises and large multinational companies:

Volkswagen (Volkswagen) Shanghai GM (Shanghai General)

Johnson Controls (Bayson, USA) Bayer (Bayer (China) Co., Ltd.)

Mitsubishi Group Jabil Circuit

SONY (Sony (China) Co., Ltd.) BASF (BASF (China) Co., Ltd.)

Roche (Roche (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) Shanghai Amercian School (Shanghai American School)

7. Midtown Union Alliance

Alliance introduction:

The Midtown Union Alliance is engaged in 18 real estate assessments, land assessments, asset assessments, project cost, consulting, etc.