Shanghai Lixin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

I. Overview of the company's development

Shanghai Lixin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is a member of Shanghai Lixin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., a leading evaluation and consulting platform in the country. It is a professional service organization that integrates investment consulting, management consulting, on-site due diligence and performance evaluation. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the company has been adhering to the concept of “discovering value, revealing value, creating value, and realizing value”. It is determined to assist the development of various enterprises and institutions, and to create and share capital value through professional services that provide the overall capabilities of modern enterprises. So far, members of the Lixin Investment Consulting Team have provided system solutions for capital strategy and corporate strategic management such as corporate restructuring, listing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and investment and financing for dozens of large domestic companies. The company has provided consulting and assistance, provided business credit investigations for dozens of companies, and provided performance evaluation services for hundreds of enterprises and institutions. The service value of Lixin Investment Consulting has been verified by customer practice.

Second, the company's business scope

1. Investment Advisory: Provide clients with advice on engineering, economics, law, accounting, operations and fundraising for their investment projects.

2. Management consulting: Through comprehensive analysis of multiple factors such as the company itself, industry, market, region, etc., provide comprehensive management consulting including marketing plan, logistics control, fund distribution, production cycle, human resources and performance evaluation. service.

3. On-site due diligence: accepting the client's entrustment, going to the target company to conduct on-site due diligence on the spot, assisting the entrusting party to obtain the comprehensive and real customer information, silver flow and logistics details of the target company in the first time, providing timely and true for the approval end. Effective customer information reference, reducing the amount of manpower and time cost for the entrusting party.

4. Enterprise performance evaluation: Taking corporate legal person as the specific evaluation object, it will objectively and fairly evaluate the company's profitability, asset quality, debt risk and business growth.

5. Performance evaluation of fiscal expenditure: Using scientific and standardized evaluation methods, according to certain index systems and evaluation criteria, comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the rationality and effectiveness of fiscal expenditure behavior process and its results.

Third, the company's internal control system

A sound and scientific internal control system is the fundamental guarantee for the quality of consulting companies and an important guarantee for the expected results of their economic activities. To this end, the company has established a personnel management system, a financial management system, a practice quality control system, a business management system, and a business file management system in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations and the characteristics of the company. Its own internal management control system.

In terms of financial personnel, the company has established the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance and Personnel, and clarified the work content and responsibilities of the company's financial personnel and personnel management personnel.

The project management process is the basis of the company's project management, and is also the key to the company's project risk control and improvement of consulting quality. In order to enhance the quality awareness of the company's consulting professionals, clarify their responsibilities, strictly implement the consulting operation specifications, and ensure the quality of the consulting project, the company has formulated the "Consultation Business Management System". The system manages the quality of the whole process from the consultation of the consulting project, the signing of the contract to the completion of the consulting report, the archiving of the data and the follow-up service. In the actual work, all the consultants of the company, including the registered consultants and consulting assistants, Can be strictly implemented in accordance with the system.

In order to effectively prevent consulting risks, the company's management system has strict regulations on project risk prevention. The project personnel should do a good job of risk prevention before the project is undertaken, during the project and when the project is about to be completed, or when the independence of the consultant is disturbed, so as to effectively avoid the consultation risk. In addition to strictly extracting risk funds in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities, the company also purchased the practice liability insurance.

Fourth, the company's typical case

1. Comprehensive due diligence project of a group company

Entrusted by a group company, our company conducts due diligence on the company's assets and business conditions. After undertaking the project, the project team members developed a detailed due diligence outline, closely communicated with the client's professionals to confirm customer needs, arrange work for asset occupants, submit a list of materials, answer questions from asset occupants, and entrust the party and assets. The parties jointly develop time schedules and the like. In the field work, the company's professionals strictly follow the investigation procedures and methods, and according to the characteristics of the company, repeatedly abandon the holiday for inventory inventory work. During the on-site inventory process, the company actively communicated with the client, timely reported the progress of the work and the problems found in the investigation, and continuously adjusted the investigation focus. Currently, the project is nearing completion. The company's service quality and service attitude have been well received by the client.

2. A group company management consulting project

A company is a well-known trade group company in China. In order to further enhance competitiveness, standardize internal management, and lay the foundation for the introduction of strategic investment partners, the company commissioned our company to conduct due diligence and issue management consulting reports. Through nearly half a month of interviews, research, and access to information, the company investigated the company's internal management mechanism, human resources management system, business operations and operations, financial status, tax risks, brand management and strategic planning. Analyze and put forward relatively complete suggestions and issue relevant management consulting reports. In order to further consolidate the results of the consultation, according to the requirements of the company, our company also designed a basic system including the corporate governance structure, internal administrative management system, financial management system, sales and market management system for the company according to the actual situation of the company. The management system system, such as the logistics cost management system, has been well received by the high-ranking Castel. It also accumulated experience in completing consulting projects.

3. BT project asset securitization project of a group company

Entrusted by a group company, our company intends to use the 12 BT project repurchasing claims held as the underlying assets for asset securitization business financing. Since the type of business is relatively novel, in addition to the regular evaluation of the asset size of the repo bond, it is also necessary to conduct a stress test of the evaluation of the future interest rate trend. In the course of this work, we need to face the impact of future interest rate changes on the discount rate from the macro economy, and at the micro level, face the impact of the company's own credit status on the discount rate, and finally comprehensively analyze various factors. Estimate the scale of asset securitization. On the other hand, it is necessary to simulate the possibility of future market interest rate changes and complete the stress measurement conclusion. The entire project was submitted to the SFC for one year, and the final customer received the approval of the CSRC. During the execution of the project, our company successfully completed the project successfully, and the evaluation report issued by the company was well received by the entrusting party and the evaluated company.

4. Financial expenditure performance evaluation project

Performance evaluation refers to the financial department and the budget department (unit) hiring professional institutions to apply scientific and reasonable performance evaluation indicators, evaluation standards and evaluation methods according to the set performance goals, and to make economic, efficiency and efficiency of fiscal expenditures. Objective and fair evaluation. To this end, the Ministry of Finance has issued relevant regulations, the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau set up a performance evaluation department and issued relevant normative documents, laying a legal foundation and organizational guarantee for the performance evaluation work. In recent years, our company has been entrusted by the Shanghai Finance Bureau, the district finance bureaus and various budget units, and is responsible for dozens of financial expenditure performance evaluation projects. The evaluation results have been well received by the client.