Corporate Consultancy

  Shanghai Lixin Appraisal Co. provides clients withfull comprehensive strategic solutions from corporate strategies, businessstrategies to functional strategies. We provide a variety of consultancy servicesincluding investment consultancy, management consultancy, due diligence and soon.

  Investment Consultancy

  We provide consultingsuggestions of diverse aspects including construction, economy, law,accounting, operation and financing.

  Management Consultancy

  We will gather the inner andouter influential information from the enterprises themselves, industries, markets,regions etc. to come up with a thorough analysis so as to provide consultingsuggestions in marketing, logistic controlling, capital structure, productioncycle, human resources, performance verification and so on.

  Due Diligence Consultancy

  The purpose of due diligenceis to explore the information of the wanted corporations or assets forinvestors as detailed and comprehensive as possible. From the perspective ofinvestors, due diligence means risk management. Merger itself contains riskslike the accuracy of the targeted corporations’ past financial statements, thepossibility of the resign of the original employees working at the targetedcompanies or any contingent debts or obligations that might induce the futurebankruptcy of the targeted enterprises. Hence, investors have to perform duediligence in order to make up the situation of the imbalance of informationbetween the buyers and the sellers. With the results of due diligence, investorsare able to forward effective buying and selling negotiation, clarify the risksand obligations either parties should take and decide under what kind ofconditions should the merging activities carry on.